Beginner Yoga Workshop Series
to Jun 24

Beginner Yoga Workshop Series

2 Part Series: 5/17, 5/24  (1:15pm -2:15pm)        

(2 Saturdays, 2 workshops for $40)

Learn the essential basic poses and their names to help familiarize yourself with vinyasa yoga classes.  Improve flexibility, strength and gain confidence with this beginner series. Every week you will increase your knowledge and improve your skills. 

Learn body awareness and how to connect the mind & body through breath work,  beginner flow sequences and meditation.

This workshop welcomes everyone from absolute beginners to advanced yogis who want a refresher of the basics vital to a proper foundation. The series welcomes all body types, shapes and physical fitness levels. 

Come Join David Figueroa an advanced yogi with over 20 years experience!

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