Class Description



Energetic, motivating, mega sweat! Follow the music and take a ride. Burn hundreds of calories and maximize your results.  Cycling is a low impact workout that will elevate your heart rate and shape your entire body.

All fitness Levels

Fit Camp




Energizing, fun,  HIIT workout. Increase strength and burn calories using body weight, Dumbbells, Kettle bells and TRX using high intensity interval training techniques.



 Yoga-All levels


All Levels are welcomed in this vinyasa blend.  Increase Flexibility, reduce stress and improve your core strength.

All Levels


Total Body Sculpt


Burn calories , tone and strengthen your entire body  with a mindful  approach.  This low impact workout,  doesn't stress the joints and avoids explosive movements.  Work on balance, core, strength, and stamina!

All levels- Great for beginners and anyone who wants a total body toning workout